rules of ten Qirat

The ten Qirat refer to ten distinct ways of reciting the Quran, each with unique pronunciation and interpretation styles. Mastering the Quran’s recitation involves understanding these subtle differences, ensuring the beauty and authenticity of the sacred text are preserved. Though there are ten, only a handful are commonly used today. Mastering these ten Qirat is the realm of advanced Quran recitation and requires guidance from a qualified tutor.

Rules of Ten Qirat

Rules of the Ten Recitations

Hafs and Shouba from Asem

Rules of 'AASIM (HAFS AND SHU'BAH) recitation

Al-Doori and Al-Sosi from Abi Amr

Rules of Abu 'Aamir Al Basri recitation

Ibn-Wardan and Ibn Jammaz from Abi-Gafar

Rules of Abu Ja'far recitation

Al-Doori and Abu-Al-Haris from Al-kasai

Rules of Alkisa'i recitation

Khalaf and Khallad from Hamzah

Rules of Hamza recitation

Qunbol and Al-Bazzi from Ibn Kather

Rules of Ibn kathir recitation

Hesham and Ibn Zakwan from Ibn Aamir

Rules of Ibn-Aamir Ash-shami recitation

Edrees and Eshaq from khalaf Al-Bazar

Rules of Khalaf recitation

Qaloon from Nafee

Rules of Qalun recitation

Warsh from Nafee

Rules of Warsh recitation

Rowis and Raoh from Yaqoub

Rules of Yaquob recitation