Short Fatwa

Welcome to the ‘Short Fatwa’ Page at Muslim Academy: In our ongoing commitment to serve the needs of the global Muslim community, we offer concise and accessible answers to common questions and issues through our ‘Short Fatwa’ section. Here, you can find clear and straightforward guidance on a variety of religious matters, designed to provide quick and reliable solutions to your everyday inquiries. Explore this section to benefit from the wisdom of our scholars and enhance your understanding of Islamic jurisprudence.

What is the ruling on divorce if the man was bewitched?

Is there a limit for a woman nakedness in front of women?

Ruling on celebrating the Prophet’s birthday, Is it sinful for anyone go to watch this celebration?

I used to swear by divorce, does this swear occur?

Is it permissible for a girl to pray in congregation with her father and brother?

I had intercourse with my wife while she was observing amissed fast what should I do?