Learn Quran online from home

Learn Quran online from home Easily with us!

Our goal is to improve the lives of Muslims by providing an easy and economical way for both adults and children to learn Quran online from home from the comfort of their own homes.

The lessons of the Quran are most appreciated by Muslims who have mastered Tajweed and Tarteel since they are well-versed in the passages.

Due to the accessibility of interactive online learning choices, we have committed ourselves to creating the most efficient ways to teach students how to read and recite the Quran correctly. Our extremely knowledgeable and experienced teachers will guide you or your children through tailored lessons, bringing the immense joy of devotion to the Quran into your home.

Learn Quran online from home

Using Muslim Academy to learn Quran at home, you may study the Quran at home under the guidance of instructors who are local Arabs. Our comprehensive courses, which include Tajweed, memorization, and Quran recitation, are available to you online.

We want to make it easier for everyday Muslims to read and understand the Quran so they may fulfill their religious obligations. Our one-on-one online Quran lessons may offer you the self-assurance you need to learn the Quran under the guidance of qualified educators so that you can recite it flawlessly.

Learn Quran online from home with Muslim Academy: Nine Features

Learn Quran online from home
Learn Quran online from home

Quran online home with Muslim academy enjoys a lot of benefits, such as following:

Overcoming the time barrier by using asynchronous communication

You would no longer be hindered from studying by the time difference between you and your teacher. You can speak with your teacher using our (Asynchronous Communication Tool) no matter how far apart your time zones are thanks to our recent development.

Using the Internet to get around the distance obstacle

The distance between your teacher and you wouldn’t be a hindrance to your learning anymore. Wherever they may be in the world, Muslim Academy will connect you with the top teachers.

We utilize our own Quran LMS rather than any third-party software

Most websites that teach the Qur’an are simply matchmaking services that connect students with Qur’an teachers. Then, it would let them communicate via third-party applications like Skype.

Constant internet access is not necessary

The learner may study both online and offline thanks to our specifically created desktop application and mobile apps.

The first and only Quran software in the world that identifies your errors on Quranic pages

The only Quran application in the world that displays where pupils’ errors were made on a Quran page is ours. Additionally, it connects the mistake’s noted position with the teacher’s written and spoken corrective comments. Students would therefore be able to.

  • On the Quran page, locate his or her error.
  • Read the written corrections from the instructor on such errors.
  • Pay attention to the teacher’s spoken comments on those errors.

Muslim Academy promotes independent studies

Programs and applications from Muslim Academy urge you to rely on yourself by making use of our exclusive and cutting-edge collection of resources that facilitate self-study.

Additionally, it encourages you to combine learning Quran online from home self-study with instructor-supervised study, in which case a qualified, experienced teacher will keep track of your assignments, correct your errors, and monitor your progress.

Innovative Methods for Teaching the Quran

The Quran LMS and its mobile apps are supported by a variety of original, cutting-edge tools that the Muslim Academy created. No one else had ever used these tools to teach the Quran before, and they were created to enhance interactive learning and empower visual and auditory memories.

The best layout for learning the Quran

The optimal fit for the function is guaranteed by the Quran LMS design. Use the greatest design for teaching the Quran while you’re on the go by keeping your mobile device in your pocket and studying with us wherever you are.

Learn Quran online from home with a Modular payment schedule

Pay ranges can be changed to meet your skill level.

When should kids start learning Quran online from home?

In order to firmly engrave the holy words of Allah in their minds and hearts, we urge parents to start their children memorizing the Quran at a very young age.

Our courses will provide you and your children the strength from the Quran they need to never feel alone on their life’s path, no matter what difficulties they encounter. This foundation is built on Tajweed and Tarteel.

FAQ | Learn Quran online from home

Learn Quran online from home
Learn Quran online from home

Learn Quran online from home and let’s discover some Questions and answers in the following paragraphs:

What approach do you employ to memorize the Quran?

Depending on the proficiency of each student, we use a variety of teaching strategies from home Quran teachers near me when conducting Quran Memorization courses.

While we favor a performance and correction method for more advanced students, we prefer an inculcation and repetition strategy for kids at lower levels.

Are the teachers you employ competent to instruct your courses?

Yes, we offer Quran teachers at home exclusively to hire teachers with the expertise needed to teach our courses, and we provide them with additional training on our methodology.

Young and energetic is my youngster. Would he be able to learn online?

Yes, although we advise having one or both parents there to supervise the session from your child’s point of view.

Do you award Ijazas to students who complete your courses?


Do the genders of your teachers and students match?

Yes. The genders of teachers and pupils are matched. Students less than 10 are an exception to this rule.

Do you administer a placement test before you begin teaching?

Yes, the instructor evaluates each student’s level before the start of class and adapts the lesson plan appropriately.

What do I require to begin?

A reliable internet connection, a laptop or mobile device, headphones, and a microphone to begin using the Quran Tutor at Home service.

What time slots are available for sessions?

Times for sessions are chosen based on each student’s availability.

How long does it take to learn the whole Quran by heart?

2–5 years, depending on a student’s degree of understanding, devotion to the program, and diligence with their assignments.

What advantages can distance learning offer?

Distance learning offers flexibility and convenience while saving a significant amount of time, effort, and money.

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